Smart Mining

Smarty’s got into the mining industry when Rimex founder, Chris Weston asked him to retro-fit the TyreSense mining TPMS system on his race cars in 2011. Together they developed a band style sensor mount and a lightened sensor. Having real time tire pressure and temperature along with GPS and a Data Log, they were able to perfect the Rimex Racing tire program and mitigate premature tire wear.

Rimex has thousands of mining trucks installed with TyreSense worldwide. And since 20111, Smarty’s has been providing product support, installation product development and sales to mines around the globe.

Smarty’s can provide TyreSense tire pressure and temperature systems for any size mining or industrial site. We have unique, model specific installation systems and provide post sale consulting and after sale service.

Contact Tim Smart directly to discuss TyreSense for your mining application. (480) 381-2264